Given the challenges facing Sesa and the textile manufacturing industry in Italy, we decided to develop a sustainable strategy that not only addresses competitive pressures but also positions our company as a leader in sustainability.

Here is the framework for a comprehensive sustainability program tailored to our needs:

– Sustainability assessment;
– Sustainability objectives;
– Sustainable sourcing;
– Eco-friendly manufacturing practices;
– Transparency of the supply chain;
– Certification and compliance;
– Lean Management and process optimization;
– Research and innovation on sustainable materials;
– Circular economy initiatives.

These initiatives will position Sesa as a leader in sustainable manufacturing and innovation, driving long-term success and resilience in the textile sector.


Our journey with Gaea21 is a true story of transformation and innovation, rooted in Sesa’s values ​​and vision.

Based on our initial positioning on the market and international competition, we carried out an in-depth analysis with the help of Transformative Coach Yvan Claude, followed by a meticulous audit in order to renew our SME. Our goal was clear: drive business development, increase our revenues, but above all transform our corporate paradigm and culture.

We have studied improved approaches to waste management, explored new materials and conducted energy and environmental assessments to ensure a holistic approach. Furthermore, our mobility program involved not only our goods, but also our employees, customers and local network, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

In summary, our collaboration with Yvan Claude and Gaea21 has led to significant improvements in several aspects, strengthening our commitment to sustainability and our positioning in the European textile industry.

Our certifications

A guarantee since 1974

certificazione gots

Certified by ICEA

GOTS 2020-162

Our items with GOTS certification guarantee that the raw materials used in our processes are of biological origin and comply with the parameters of respect for the environment.