Our history


Giovanni Alberti founded Sesa S.r.l. in 1974, in Besnate, near Varese.
The choice of establishing its company in this area was not casual, despite being far from his home in Bergamo.
The aim was to localize inside the industrial area which was important for the textile production already in 1800, thanks to the presence of the whole supply chain, from weaving to dying to make the complete suits.
In the beginning, the company activity was cutting bias and producing simple waistbands.
Sesa S.r.l. immediately became a point of reference in the fashion industry.


In 1984 Mr. Alberti decided to move the company to Jerago con Orago, the town where it is currently located.
This increased the productive space and allowed the technological innovation, although the needs of clients were still simple and standard.


Since 2001 Giovanni’s daughter, Monica, became the manager.
She had a long experience in the company, started when she was a kid, and she already knew everything about Sesa’s activity.
A period of improvement of the technical instruments began with her. She bought new machines, the number of clients trusting the service increased. Their needs changed, becoming more and more customized, original and unique.


In 2012 a restyling of the working space had start: at first the purchase of a new warehouse, next to the old one, for a better management of stock materials.
In 2015 the two buildings became one large warehouse thanks to the construction of a third central building.
The productive space became wider, well lightened, rationally organized.
In this new building, also found place a meeting room and a show room to store all the creations made in decades.
A kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and details to meet the more and more diverse requirements of the clients.

Our Mission: the Italian quality at your service

We implement your projects quickly, using high quality materials from Italian suppliers. We deliver all over the world. Every new request is a challenge to us and your satisfaction is our only purpose.

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